Ghost Stories At Christmas [Radio Scotland]


01Which No Man Shall Put Asunder20101227

1/5 Bestselling crime writer Denise Mina presents the first of five brand new ghost stories for BBC Radio Scotland.

The writer behind the bestselling Garnethill and Paddy Meehan trilogies, Denise will be weaving her much-loved storytelling abilities into a very contemporary kind of tale.

'Which No Man Shall Put Asunder' tells the story of sisters Martha and Lila at an ill-fated wedding on a stormy Scottish island...

This is the tale of an ill-fated wedding on a stormy Scottish island.

02My Actual God By Ewan Morrison20101228

2/5 A haunted shopping mall may not sound scary, but in 'My Actual God' by Ewan Morrison, our teen protagonist sees consumerism in an entirely new light.

Author of 'Swung' and 'Menage', Morrison has a proven track record of cynicism towards our modern obsessions.

This is realised in the second of our contemporary ghost stories for BBC Radio Scotland, when our young heroine embarks on a ghostly endeavour.

Ewan Morrison offers a teenage take on the traditional ghost story.

03Al Kennedy20101229

3/5 Costa Book Prize-winner and stand-up comic, AL Kennedy's short stories have been described as "profound, intimate observations of men and women whose lives ache with possibility".

Her original ghost story for Radio Scotland will offer just these qualities, bringing something refreshingly unexpected to the genre.

AL Kennedy offers a characteristically original ghost story for Christmas.

04It's Me Who Keeps The Bird's Heart Beating By Luke Sutherland20101230

4/5 In Luke Sutherland's magical, haunting 'It's Me Who Keeps the Bird's Heart Beating', Regina overcomes muteness with some help from the afterlife.

It's been 6-years since he published 'Venus as a Boy' - which The Guardian described as "a searing, heart breaking work of beauty" - so this story will be warmly welcomed by his fans.

It's one of five contemporary ghost stories by Scotland's finest writers for BBC Radio Scotland.

In this haunting tale, Regina overcomes muteness with some help from the afterlife.

05 LASTThe Mannie By James Robertson20101231

5/5 Booker Prize-nominated author James Robertson presents a brand new ghost story written in Scots.

Author of the bestselling 'Testament of Gideon Mack', James.

'The Mannie' is an ultimately uplifting tale about new beginnings, appropriately scheduled for Hogmanay.

James Robertson welcomes in the New Year with an affirmingly ghostly tale.