The Ghost Of Thomas Kempe



James Harrison loves the new cottage into which his family has moved. But why does his dog keep barking at the air, why is James's room so cold - and who wrote `Alchemie' on the blackboard?

  • Alexandra Mathie
  • John Grillo
  • directed by.... Don Taylor
  • jack blumenau
  • patsy byrne
  • simon chandler
  • tony selby

  • 0220001226

    James discovers the amazing explanation for the strange happenings at the cottage, but no one will believe him.


    Perhaps the solution to James's problems in an exorcist - or would the local wart charmer and water diviner do?


    Help comes James's way in the unexpected shape of a long-forgotten manuscript and a Victorian boy called Arnold.

    05 LAST20001229

    In the final episode, James fears that his neighbour may be a witch, that it might be dangerous for the archaeologists to be digging in an ancient burial ground and that Thomas may be getting stronger.