The Ghost Of Number Ten

A wicked six-part political farce by Steve Nallon and Turan Ali. The New Labour prime minister moves into Downing Street only to find an old socialist ghost in the attic - a Victorian prostitute murdered on the premises 100 years ago - who is destined to make the new PM's life a misery, with the help of some other famous ghosts. With Maggie Steed and Mark Williams. Director Turan Ali.


02Bringing Home The Bacon1999011519990116

When a scientist develops pig organs that are transplantable into human beings, the Prime Minister promises free transplants and wins national approval - until the Jewish community starts to complain.

03Arise, Sir Boggy!1999012219990123

The Prime Minister claims his New Year's Honours list will be for ordinary people, but all the knighthoods still go to businessmen in exchange for favours. Lottie and Emmeline Pankhurst decide to take matters into their own hands. With Nerys Hughes, Maggie Steed and Mark Williams. Director Turan Ali

04A Bowl Of Rice1999012919990130

The G7.5 summit at 10 Downing Street gives Lottie the chance to fulfil a lifelong dream: the ending of world hunger.

05Here Come The Grooms1999020519990206

When a gay junior minister gets married to his Swedish boyfriend, the prime minster comes under pressure from home and from Europe to recognise their marriage in British law. When he refuses, Lottie decides to bring back the ghost of Oscar Wilde. But it all goes horribly wrong. With Maggie Steed, Mark Williams, Steve Nallon, Jan Ravens and Andrew Wincott. Director Turan Ali

06 LASTSurvival Of The Least Fittest1999021219990213

When New Labour uses selection lists to keep out socialist candidates, Lottie brings back the ghost of Charles Darwin to show them that diversity is essential for survival. With Maggie Steed, Mark Williams and special guest Brian Murphy. Director Turan Ali. Jan Ravens and Andrew Wincott. Director Turan Ali