Getting Away From It

Travels abroad shed new light on life back home in five specially commissioned stories by different writers.


AR01Jack, Internationally2004060720050508

by Emily Perkins

A globetrotting clown, full of exciting stories, gets his come-uppance when his friends back home discover a secret about him that forces them to see him as he truly is.

Read by Claire Skinner

Produced by Gemma Jenkins

AR02Dry Run2004060820050515

by Glenn Patterson

Summer 1979, two teenagers fall in love en route to France from Belfast mistakenly believing that they have left the past behind.

Reader: Marty Rea

Producer: Joanne Reardon.

AR03A Sense Of Place2004060920050522

by Ruth Henderson

Mythology surrounding the Croatian island of Brac gives new hope to a mother struggling to find her place in life.

Reader: Anastasia Hille

Producer: Gemma Jenkins

AR04The Eclipse2004061020050529

By Amanthi Harris.

AR05 LASTThe Island2004061120050605

by Tim Pears

A beautiful, remote island off the coast of Maine provides answers to a young man's past.

Read by Matthew MacFadyen

Produced by Gemma Jenkins