George Silverman's Explanation



by Michael Eaton, based on Charles Dickens' last story.

Starring Paul Scofield, David Warner and Gemma Jones.

George Silverman is writing about his unfulfilled life and getting it all wrong in the telling.

Born is a cellar in Preston, he escaped his wretched life through hard work and scholarship.

However, he has remained haunted by the idea drummed into him by his mother that he is 'a worldly little devil'.

Throughout his life, in his relationships with the 'fathers' who bring him up, his employee and his attempts at love, he endeavours to be beyond reproach, but somehow every important action he takes tends to reinforce his mothers dictum.

To expel this slur on his character, and to find some resolution to his life, he writes his story.

But even the story cannot come to a resolution, and ends, as it begins, with the question; "'Where to begin?'.