Generation 2014 - A Spotlight On Scotland's Teens [Radio Scotland]


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BBC Scotland's Generation 2014 teenagers look back on a year in the referendum spotlight.

By voting in September's independence referendum, Scottish 16-and 17-year-olds carved their names collectively into political history. It was the first time anyone their age had the right to vote on a matter of UK state. For programme-makers, it was also a unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on the lives of Scottish teens.

Generation 2014 was BBC Scotland's response to this challenge. Producers spent a year following the lives of 50 young people who would all be 16 or 17 on 18th September 2014, and involving them in programmes. They came from all over Scotland, from Coldstream to the tip of Shetland, and from points east to the Western Isles. They were brought up speaking Scots, English and Gaelic, but also Urdu, Hausa and Polish.

Here, members of the Generation 2014 group are brought back together to recall the highs and lows of being involved in this project, and to look back on their year in the referendum spotlight.