Gatha Christie's Mrs Mcginty's Dead



1952. A senior police officer is not convinced of the guilt of a young man sentenced to hang for the savage murder of an elderly woman. So he seeks the help of his old friend and colleague, a certain celebrated but rather bored Belgian detective - Hercule Poirot.

  • ariadne oliver....Julia Mckenzie
  • bentley....Tom George
  • deirdre henderson....teresa gallagher
  • director Enyd Williams
  • dr rendell....Gerard Mcdermott
  • dramatised by.... Michael Bakewell
  • major summerhayes....Ian Masters
  • maude williams....Beth Chalmers
  • michael....Kim Wall
  • mr carpenter....Dominic Colchester
  • mr scuttle....Geoffrey Beevers
  • mrs burch....Connie Walker
  • mrs carpenter....Angela Sims
  • mrs rendell....susannah corbett
  • mrs summerhayes....molly gaisford
  • mrs sweetman....Jillie Meers
  • mrs upward....Jill Balcon
  • mrs wetherby....rosalind knight
  • poirot....John Moffatt
  • robin upward....nick waring
  • superintendent spence....George Baker

  • 0320060317

    In the respectable village of Broadhinny, Hercule Poirot has established several possible suspects of appropriate ages, as the murderer of the elderly woman.


    Hercule Poirot is very excited because someone has tried to kill him - so he knows he's on the right track. However, there is someone else who, he fears, may become the next victim.

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    The chaos of Long Meadows provides Hercule Poirot with his final clue to unveiling the pitiless murderer. But there is also another surprise in store.