Garrison Keillor


20070127 (BBC7)
20070128 (BBC7)

From the National Lentil Festival, there are lots of legume jokes and guests include the yodellin' cowboy Wylie Gustafson.

20061223 (BBC7)
20061224 (BBC7)

It's snowing in New York, where the host presents comedy and seasonal music from the Town Hall. From December 2005.

20061216 (BBC7)
20061217 (BBC7)

More sketches and news from Lake Wobegon with Garrison Keillor. Music is provided by Renee Fleming and Laura Cantrell.

20070106 (BBC7)
20070107 (BBC7)

The 2005 New Year Special, with poet Billy Collins and soprano Maria Jette. Garrison tells tales of New Year's Eve babysitting.

20070120 (BBC7)
20070121 (BBC7)

The American funny man travels west to present comedy and music from the University of Montana in Missoula.

20070113 (BBC7)
20070114 (BBC7)

The American funny presents more comedy and music from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota.