The Gargoyle Club

Was 50s Soho really so glamorous, beguiling and exotic?


01The Club Of Twenty Thousand Reflections20000918

With George Melly and other regulars of its clubs and dives, Nigel Richardson challenges the comforting myths of London's Latin quarter.

02What Behaviour Is There In This Bottle?20000919

With Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud, art dominated 1950s Soho. But their painting contemporaries found life quite different.

03Hello Darling, Buy Me A Drink20000920

Life in the smokey, cosmopolitan bars of 50s Soho was one of inspired conversation, champagne and oysters. Or was it?

04The Door Flew Open And In Strode A Mink Coat20000921

The queen of 50s Soho had three husbands, swigged spirits during portrait sittings, and found Oscar Wilde at her death.

05 LASTA Literary Leg Up20000922

The gilded image of Soho in the 50s owes much to one single-minded chronicler.

But should we believe him?