Future Of Local Government, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700108]An enquiry presented by GRAHAM ASHWORTH|Discussion of local government reform has centred on reorganisation of its structure. With the Government's response to the proposals of the Maud Commission still awaited, two schools of thought, represented broadly by the County Councils Association and the Association of Municipal Corporations, seem to be irreconcilably opposed.|Does the solution to the problem lie in a much greater break with tradition than any so far suggested? Speakers include:|LORD REDCLIFFE-MAUD DEREK SENIOR|J. K. BOYNTON. Clerk to Cheshire County Council j. c. SWAFFIELD, Secretary of the Association of Municipal Corporations|FRANK HARRIS , formerly Principal City Officer and Town Clerk, Newcastle upon Tyne ALDERMAN ERNEST WISTRICH|Produced by STANLEY WILLIAMSON (from Manchester)


Presented By: Graham Ashworth|Unknown: J. K. Boynton.|Unknown: Frank Harris|Unknown: Alderman Ernest Wistrich|Produced By: Stanley Williamson