Funny Friends

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0101Lewis Macleod2009071020090711
20100522 (RS)
Lewis Macleod, the new voice of Postman Pat, talks to Susan Calman about the characters he has encountered during his career, featuring ones from Star Wars and Off the Ball.
0102Des Clarke2009071720090718
20100529 (RS)
Susan Calman chats to Des Clarke about his life and career, which has gone from hosting breakfast radio to presenting children's TV.
20100605 (RS)
Susan Calman talks to Limmy - aka Brian Limond - about being an internet sensation and whether he always wanted to be a comedian.
0104 LASTSarah Millican2009073120090801
20100724 (RS)
With no desire to do comedy until she got divorced Sarah Millican has had a meteoric rise over the last few years, including winning the Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Festival 2008.|Susan Calman meets this Geordie lass to discover what's next and whether she keeps in touch with the former Mr Sarah Millican.|Susan Calman meets Geordie lass Sarah Millican to discover what's next for the comedian.
0201Jo Caulfield2010061120100612Susan hangs out with stand up comedian and comedy writer Jo Caulfield, and with her lawyer hat on, gives Jo some suggestions for buying her dream home in Edinburgh.
0202Miles Jupp2010061820100619Stand up comedian and actor Miles Jupp talks to Susan about 'The Thick of It', being privileged, and why he always seems to play a vicar.|Miles Jupp and Susan Calman spend an afternoon together, looking for a good cricket spot.
0203Ed Byrne2010062520100626Much to her confusion Susan Calman meets stand up Ed Byrne, in an outdoor shop, looking for a new hat.|Ed's famous as a hard drinking, fun loving kind of guy.|Not any more folks, he's a munro bagger.
0204Lucy Porter2010070220100703Wearing a skirt as a maxi dress, Susan Calman catches up with her fellow 'pint sized' friend and stand up Lucy Porter, in a shop for tall people.They talk pregnancy and posters.
0205Sandi Toksvig2010070920100710Susan Calman buys sandwiches for writer, broadcaster, News Quiz presenter and the owner of radio's most infectious laugh, Sandi Toksvig
0206 LASTFred Macaulay2010071620100717Susan Calman does Masterchef in the home of her dearest funny friend, stand up and broadcaster, Fred Macaulay