Four programmes in which Tom Wilkie invites two leading thinkers to debate big ideas in science.



Professor of genetics Steve Jones and science fiction writer Matt Ridley debate why we bother with sex.

02Human Origins19970614

This week, Chris Stringer and Alan Thorne argue about when humans got out of Africa.

Did we leave early and evolve into modern people in several parts of the world? Or did we leave late, already homo sapiens, and walk to the world's different regions?

03Thoughts On Consciousness19970621

With neurobiologist Susan Greenfield and philosopher Galen Strawson.

04 LASTIs Science Truth?19970628

Science is increasingly important.

But does it have anything to do with truth? Is it the most honest and rigorous attempt to understand the universe, or could it just be a way of seeing things, with a set of rules imposed by scientists themselves? Sociologist Harry Collins debates the issue with astronomer Sir Martin Rees.