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Politicians, film stars and TV celebrities are all used to being on the front pages but, as Ruth Wishart discovers, others find it harder to survive the onslaught of the tabloids.


Tom Mcclean2005010220061224
0101Eddie The Eagle2005120520060927
20060930 (RS)
20061210 (RS)

Ruth Wishart talks to Eddie Edwards who reveals the real story behind his exploits and the headlines during the 1988 Winter Olympics.

0102Cynthia Payne2005121220061217

Cynthia Payne's notorious sex parties meant she was known as the best hostess in London, but she hit the headlines when police raided her suburban home and interrupted a party in full swing.

0103Paula Murphy2005121920061224

Former Miss Scotland Paula Murphy explains how rioting meant moving the Miss World contest from Nigeria to the UK.

0104 LASTNick Bateman2005122620060927 (RS)
20061217 (RS)

Ruth Wishart reflects on the tabloid career of 'Big Brother' contestant, Nick BATEMAN....Prod: Mike Walker

0201Lloyd Scott20061119

Lloyd Scott used the press to publicise his charity work but soon discovered they were more interested in his private life.

0202Pierre-yves Gerbeau20061126

Pierre-yves Gerbeau says it felt like he had aged thirty years during his tenure as chief of the Millennium Dome.

It took all his French flair to survive the press onslaught.

0203 LASTPaul Dadge20061203

The image of Paul Dadge helping an injured mask wearing woman across the road after the London bombings last year went all around the world and changed his life forever.