Friends Like These

Comic plays about friendship, each featuring a different comedy partnership.


01* Helen And Gail20060403

By Fay Rusling and Oriane Messina.

Helen and Gail are best friends - separated only by the fact that Gail is in prison for trying to murder Helen.

When visiting time comes round, their relationship takes an odd turn.

Helen....Fay Rusling

Gail....Oriane Messina

Director Claudine Toutoungi.

02Famous Guy20060404

By Adam Buxton.

The tale of Manthea Shringleton, a journalist sent to interview a reclusive Hollywood star.

Guy....Adam Buxton

Manthea....Joe Cornish

Director Claudine Toutoungi.

03Equal Ops20060405

By Cicely Giddings and Abigail Burdess.

Whilst attempting a sponsored pedalo ride, work colleagues Bernice and Jen sink and are marooned on an island duck sanctuary.

Bernice....Cicely Giddings

Jen....Abigail Burdess

Director Claudine Toutoungi.

04You'll Always Be A Part Of Me20060406

By Jim Sweeney.

Two men have been best friends for years, when one suddenly needs a new kidney.

His mate has always said he'd do anything for him.

Now it's time to find out if that includes organ donation.

Jim....Jim Sweeney

Steve....Steve Steen

Director Claudine Toutoungi.

05 LASTCasualties *20060407

By Neil Warhurst and Paul Barnhill.

An eventful road-trip along the M6 reunites ex-boyband members Mick and Alvin, and forces them to confront their long-lost glory years.

Mick....Paul Barnhill

Alvin....Neil Warhurst

Director Claudine Toutoungi.