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A Night With Johnny Stompanato

After The Accident

An Unhappy Countess

Deep Cut

Flesh And Blood

Greed All About It

How Now Tv

I Am Emma Humphreys

Let's Murder Vivaldi

Rip Boy

The Accountant Of Solyanka Square

The Birds

The Black Bono

The Dependent

The Late Mr Shakespeare

The Listener

They Have Oak Trees In North Carolina


We Outnumber You

66 LASTSiege




A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 97DA0355

First broadcast on 1998-09-18

Recorded on 1998-08-21

Producer: J. PANTING

Next in series: CUBA

Previous in series: THE DISH

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A contemporary tale of family love by award-winning young writer Rebecca PRICHARD. Richie's father has moved in with Sam's mother. They are stepbrother and stepsister - almost. Produced by Jonquil PANTING.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

18 Sep 1998 21:02-22:00 (RADIO 4)

26 May 2000 21:02-22:00 (RADIO 4)


Chris Pavlo (Actor)

Ben Crowe (Actor)

Gerard Mcdermott (Actor)

Giles Fagan (Actor)

Amelda Brown (Actor)

Amelia Lowdell (Actor)

Will Keen (Actor)

Polly Lister (Actor)

Rebecca Prichard (Author)

Jonquil Panting (Producer)


The Farm

By Nell Leyshon

In a farmhouse kitchen, Rose is trying to hold things together in a changing uncertain world. Her father-in-law Edmond is in the early stages of Alzheimer's, her husband Vic is grimly carrying on despite the slaughter of his cattle and a box of unpaid bills and Gavin, their son has just got himself a job at the local supermarket which fuels his father's fury and resentment.

The Farm is dedicated to the lost farms of Somerset.

Rose....Rosalind March

Vic....Nick Brimble

Edmond....Robert Vahey

Gavin....William Bateman

Sue....Julie Hobbs

Directed by Susan Roberts


Death at the Bed End

Steve Wakelam's play is a detective story based on true events that followed the publication of Mrs Gaskell's, "Life of Charlotte Bronte", when she was threatened with libel.

Jack Down....Kenneth Cranham

Patrick Bronte....James Greene

Mr Nicholls....Stephen Hogan

Harry....Declan Wilson

Betty....Shirley Dixon

Dr Crosby....Geoffrey Whitehead

Martha....Helen Longworth

Sugden....Steve Hodson

Grundy....Philip Fox

Directed by Janet Whitaker.



By Mark Catley.

When Jo decides to kick her heroin habit and improve her run-down, crime-ridden estate, she has no idea what she is about to unleash.