Fresh Air Media

A four-part series of innovative feature-making by students and non-professional broadcasters.


01Selling And Talking19980807

Neil Maccarthy introduces four different takes on consumerism.

02Auld Days And New Ways19980814

Kirsten Beaty and Mai Nishiyama, winners of Radio 4's feature-making competition for students, introduce three different takes on changing times.


Shouting and projecting, imitating and cajoling: four winning entries to Radio 4's feature-making competition with a common interest in the voice.

Presenter Geoff Pridmore.

04 LASTPassions19980827

The destruction of Guernica, preparations for a date, recollections of a first kiss, and football fever.

Matthew Gyves introduces a heady blend of emotions in the final selection of winning entries to BBC Radio 4's competition for feature-makers.