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Never mind top of the range organic housing, what can be done to make our existing houses more ecologically friendly? Fresh Air is at home with Mark Stephen to investigate how far 10,000 will go in making his home greener.

What help can local authorities offer?


Mark Stephen examines how Scottish energy companies have improved their use of sustainable energy, including marine energy, in the two years since he last investigated.


Mark Stephen examines how much packaging we really need to keep our purchases unblemished.

What is the impact on the environment of excess packaging?


Wind turbines, ground source heat pumps, solar - micro renewable technology, could be transforming the lives of the residents of Whiterashes, but what of the rest of Scotland? Mark Stephen investigates how the micro renewable industry is adapting its technology to the urban environment.


Scotland is the only country which has legally committed itself to the creation of a marine national park.

The site will be chosen by early next year.

The economic prize a park can bring will certainly be worth winning, but are communities aware of what a marine park will mean for them? Fresh Air investigates whether we're getting Scotland's marine park right first time.


We like our fruit unbruised and our equipment unbroken when we buy it.

How much is packaging a useful device for keeping our purchases unblemished and how much is an industry that makes a significant contribution to Scotland's enormous waste problem? Mark Stephen investigates for Fresh Air.