French Experience, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19941009]Nee a Montbrison. Chantal Cuer returns to her birthplace where she discovers a curious cheese and a bloddy history. Ray Gosling examines the French alphabet and there's a chance to win a week in Montbrison.|Producer Mick Webb
Genome: [r4 Bd=19941009] Unknown: Ray Gosling|Producer: Mick Webb
Genome: [r4 Bd=19941016]En Famille. Chantal Cuer discusses the language of love and the French attitudes to sex, marriage and afffairs.
03Au Travail199710263: `Au travail'.|How much French constitutes a `working knowledge'? Plus the latest in `tres cool' slang.
04199711024: Paris.|Malcolm McLaren discusses his Paris, and Chantal Cuer discovers the favourite quartiers of the city.
05Bon Appetit199711095: `Bon Appetit'.|Chantal Cuer eats out in France and samples the language of ordering meals.
06Directions19971116Chantal Cuer follows in the steps of Robert Louis Stevenson and his donkey.|Plus 1001 things to do on the French Minitel.
07A Toute Vitesse199711237: `A Toute Vitesse'.|Chantal Cuer leafs through phrase books and discovers how the language of travel has changed over the years.
08Hotels199711308: `Hotels'.|Chantal Cuer finds out how difficult it can be to book a hotel, and Miles Kington muses on the French sense of humour.
09Interieurs199712079: `Interieurs'.|Chantal Cuer explores French domestic life and discovers who does what in the French home.
10L1997121410: `L'Art de Seduire'.|Chantal Cuer investigates the art of romance in French cinema.
11Le Sport Et Le Temps1997122111: `Le sport et le temps'.|In the last programme of the series, Chantal Cuer talks to Michel Platini.