The French Experience


Genome: [r4 Bd=19941009]

Nee a Montbrison. Chantal Cuer returns to her birthplace where she discovers a curious cheese and a bloddy history. Ray Gosling examines the French alphabet and there's a chance to win a week in Montbrison.

Producer Mick Webb

Genome: [r4 Bd=19941009]

Unknown: Ray Gosling

Producer: Mick Webb

Genome: [r4 Bd=19941016]

En Famille. Chantal Cuer discusses the language of love and the French attitudes to sex, marriage and afffairs.

03Au Travail19971026

3: `Au travail'.

How much French constitutes a `working knowledge'? Plus the latest in `tres cool' slang.


4: Paris.

Malcolm McLaren discusses his Paris, and Chantal Cuer discovers the favourite quartiers of the city.

05Bon Appetit19971109

5: `Bon Appetit'.

Chantal Cuer eats out in France and samples the language of ordering meals.


Chantal Cuer follows in the steps of Robert Louis Stevenson and his donkey.

Plus 1001 things to do on the French Minitel.

07A Toute Vitesse19971123

7: `A Toute Vitesse'.

Chantal Cuer leafs through phrase books and discovers how the language of travel has changed over the years.


8: `Hotels'.

Chantal Cuer finds out how difficult it can be to book a hotel, and Miles Kington muses on the French sense of humour.


9: `Interieurs'.

Chantal Cuer explores French domestic life and discovers who does what in the French home.


10: `L'Art de Seduire'.

Chantal Cuer investigates the art of romance in French cinema.

11Le Sport Et Le Temps19971221

11: `Le sport et le temps'.

In the last programme of the series, Chantal Cuer talks to Michel Platini.