Freewheelers, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19701116]by GILES COOPER|'One of the girls throws a dart and we go wherever the dart lands on the map...'|Produced by CHARLES LEFEAUX


Unknown: Giles Cooper|Produced By: Charles Lefeaux|The Freewheelers: Basil: Glyn Dearman|The Freewheelers: Mark: Nigel Graham|The Freewheelers: Susan: Valerie Kirkbright|The Freewheelers: Sonia: Rosalind Thomas|The Freewheelers: Jeremy: Gordon Gardner|The Freewheelers: Caroline: Rosalind Shanks|The Chuffs: Traffic Warden.: Andrew Sachs|Mrs Croom-Edwards: Eva Stuart|Policeman: Peter Marinker|Detective: Malcolm Terris|The Judge: Hamlyn Benson|The Crooks: Sid: Leroy Lingwood|The Crooks: Mai CO: Andrew Sachs