Freedom Trail, The

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0120111114The Freedom Trail is a four day walk over the central Pyrenees to commemorate the World War II escape routes taken by allied servicemen and women and all those who helped them.|More than 40 miles from France to Spain, with a total climb of fifteen thousand feet up and nearly twelve thousand down, it was the most-used and toughest route to freedom.|Many Jews and others escaping forced labour also took this trek over the mountains.|Earlier this year Edward Stourton joined the walk to tell the remarkable stories of bravery, endurance and remembrance.|Edward Stourton walks the World War II Freedom Trail.
02 LAST20111121During World War II tens of thousands of people escaped Nazi occupied Europe by taking a hazardous and often gruelling trek over the Pyrenees Mountains from France to Spain.|Edward Stourton is following in their footsteps along the Freedom Trail.|It's day three, the halfway point of his walk, but the worst is yet to come.|Day three, the halfway point of the walk, but the worst is yet to come.