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Classic tale of a scientist's monstrous attempts to discover the secrets of creating life.

Classic dark tale of a young scientist's monstrous attempts to discover the secrets of creating life.

Stars Michael Maloney.

Michael Maloney plays the ambitious young

scientist and John Wood is the creature in this

dark tale set at the farthest reaches of human


Michael Maloney stars as Victor Frankenstein in this classic Mary Shelley tale.

Dramatised by Nick Stafford.

Mary Shelly's dark horror novel is dramatised by Nick Stafford.

Victor Frankenstein is a brilliant scientist who is obsessed with bringing a being into existence.

His experiment results in the creation of a hideous monster.

Starring Michael Maloney (pictured), John Wood, Phillip Joseph and Janys Chambers, directed by Claire Grove and first broadcast in 1994.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

Adapted for radio in two hour-long episodes by Nick Stafford and produced by Claire Grove.

Victor Frankenstein experiences an idyllic childhood in Switzerland, surrounded by a loving family and accompanied by his adopted cousin Elizabeth.

He is fascinated by ancient philosophers whose grandiose ambitions included looking for an Elixir of Life.

After the death of his mother, his first unhappy experience, he goes off to University where he applies his new-found knowledge of science to manufacture a human being of enormous size and strength.

When his creation comes to life, Frankenstein is so horrified by his own bizarre accomplishment that he falls into a delirious illness which last months.

Meanwhile, the creature flees into the woods and disappears, but is it gone for good?

Cast -

Frankenstein - Michael Maloney

The Creature - John Wood

John Walton - Phillip Joseph

Elizabeth - Janys Chambers

Henry - Paul Panting

Alphonse - Ted Richards

De Lacey - Gavin Muir

William - Sam Crane

Also starring

James Berwick

Peter Caffrey

Frances Jeater

Neville Jason

Deborah Berlin

Don McCorkindale

Malcolm Ward

Peter Kenny

David Jarvis

Margaret John.

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Victor Frankenstein sets out to find the creature, and avenge his brother's death.

After first fleeing the Creature, Victor Frankenstein heads to the mountains to avenge his brother's murder.

Stars John Wood.

Dramatisation of Mary Shelley's novel.

Frankenstein has fled from the monster he has created, but when his brother is murdered, he tracks the creature to the mountains (2/2).