Four Stories By Helen Dunmore


01Mason's Mini Break2002040220041024

Booker Prize winning author Dick Mason is on a weekend break in a small West Yorkshire village celebrating his recent literary success.

Out walking in the rain, he has a most unexpected encounter with the ghost of another famous writer and later discovers, to his utter humiliation, that he has landed himself a most unflattering characterisation in Jane Eyre.

Read by Philip Glenister

02Swimming Into The Millennium2002040320041031

A middle aged mother receives a gym subscription as an early Christmas present and finds herself seduced by the beauty and tranquillity of the almost deserted swimming pool.

She treats herself a very expensive new costume and enters a pact with two boys she befriends there that while the rest of the world will be partying she will swim her way into the new century.

03Emily's Ring2002040420041107

A young woman is looking after her step-siblings and taking them to bathe in the sea daily to aid their recovery from whooping cough when tragedy strikes.

04 LASTMy Polish Teacher's Tie2002040520041114

A catering assistant at a school becomes the pen-friend of a teacher from Poland and the pair discover a mutual love of poetry and start a regular correspondence.

When she discovers that he plans to visit her school she is terrified of what will happen when he finds out that she has failed to correct his assumption that she is a teacher.

Read by Lesley Sharp