Four Sleepless Knights

Four comedic adventures in insomnia for the night hours.


0101Sir David's Quest For Sheep, Sorry, Sleep20040929

David thinks he is a tree.

Actually, he's trying to imagine he's a tree in order to get to sleep.

He's tried counting sheep, but they keep skittering off and he has to start all over again.

Then a bus arrives.

0102Sir Frank's Search For An Ending20041006

Frank has a talent for editing film endings.

He's in demand from producers all over Hollywood.

But tonight, the final scene of 'The Black Scorpion', a "civil war serial killer romance" just isn't playing ball - and neither are the lead actors.

0103Sir Goeffrey20041013

Geoff and Liz are on a Dream Holiday but Geoff's snoring is keeping his wife awake, and to make matters worse, the baby is wailing after having a nightmare.

But do eight-month-old babies really dream?

0104 LASTThe Barking Consignment20041020

Something strange is occurring at Radio Four.

There seems to be a lost voice roaming the airwaves and Roger Reed's Book at Bedtime has been seriously compromised as a result.

Will he ever be able to finish reading 'The Barking Consignment'? More importantly, can it really be possible for the voice of Matthew Kelly to take over Radio Four...?