The Foundation Trilogy

Isaac Asimov's epic stories, described as The Bible of Science fiction, chart the future history of the galactic empire.

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01Foundation: Psychohistory And Encyclopedia1973050619780000
20021228 (BBC7)
20041114 (BBC7)
20041115 (BBC7)
02Foundation: The Mayors1973051319780000
20021229 (BBC7)
20041121 (BBC7)
20041122 (BBC7)
03Foundation: The Merchant Princes1973052019780000
20030104 (BBC7)
20041128 (BBC7)
20041129 (BBC7)
04Foundation: The General1973052719780000
20030105 (BBC7)
05Foundation And Empire: The Mule1973060319780000
20030111 (BBC7)
06Foundation And Empire: Flight From The Mule1973061019780000
20030112 (BBC7)
07Second Foundation: The Mule Finds1973061719780000
20030118 (BBC7)
08 LASTSecond Foundation: Stars End1973062419780000
20030119 (BBC7)