Fossilist, The

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20050915By Fiona Mackie.|In 1847, Mary Anning lies dying at the age of 42.|Alone in the world, she is surrounded only by her fossils.|In 2005, Jodie is playing truant from school, and has escaped to a deserted part of the beach.|But she hasn't thought about the tide.|She has been spotted.|Mags realises that the young teenager she saw further down the beach has not returned.|She goes to warn her but by the time she manages to get Jodie to follow her, it's too late.|The play links all three women's doubts, fears and obsessions over the centuries.|Mags....Susan Jameson|Jodie....Ella Smith|Mary Anning....Gillian Bevan|Young Mary....Catherine Butler|Young Mary's Father....Gerard McDermott|Directed by Sally Avens