For What It's Worth

Lars Tharp and guests put antiques and collectibles in context; what antiques say about the societies that produced them.



Lars Tharp looks at the social history behind some favourite antiques and collectibles, starting with antiques from the garden, with Twigs Way and Alastair Morris.

0101The Longcase Clock2001123020020422

They track the development of the grandfather clock and explore changing concepts of time.

0102The Shaker Chair2002010620020423

They consider the continuing influence of a simple style of chair designed two centuries ago by the Shakers.

0103The Writing Box2002011320020424

They muse on the function of an item that symbolises the age of letter-writing and travel.

0104Blue And White2002012020020425

They scrutinise the rich legacy of the Staffordshire pottery industry.

0105 LASTThe Sampler2002012720020426

They look at examples of embroidered panels by children as young as six.

0201The Georgian Drinking Glass2004020120050214

In a society fuelled by alcohol, fine wines called for fine glasses.

0202The Wind-up Gramophone2004020820050215

Lars Tharp explores the world of wind-up gramophones, and hears a song by Nellie Melba played on the machine Captain Scott took to the Antarctic.

0203Teddy Bears2004021520050216

Lars Tharp meets Daniel Agnew and other arctophiles to discover what's behind our love affair with old teddy bears.

0204Persian Tribal Rugs2004022220050217

Lars Tharp meets self-confessed "ruggies" Brian McDonald and Caroline Allen to discuss their passion for oriental carpets.

0205 LASTTeapots2004022920050218

Lars Tharp visits Dr Johnson's House to view the teapot of this fabled tea drinker.


Lars Tharp looks at the social history behind some favourite antiques and collectibles, starting with antiques from the garden, with Twigs Way andAlastair Morris


This is the rather clumsy name the dealers give to collectable kitchen equipment, the most desirable being ornate copper moulds from the grand houses of the Victorian upper and middle classes.

This was the era of elaborate menus, highly ornate dishes and real roasts turned in front of a roaring fire with all manner of gadgets and gizmos to monitor the cooking process.

Lars Tharp joins food historian Ivan Day and dealer John Hardcastle in the kitchens of Harewood House, Yorkshire, to find out how a grand tradition of British cooking was lost after the First World War, along with tons of copper food moulds, melted down for telephone wire in the trenches.

0303Victorian Photographs2005082820060715

Its one of the fastest growing areas of collecting and there's a big market in Victorian photographs, especially by names like Roger Fenton and Julia Margaret Cameron.

Lars charts the development of photography from formal Victorian portraits to 20th century classics with collector Richard Mears, camera expert John Day and photography historian Audrey Linkman.

Lars Tharp and guests focus on Victorian photography - one of the fastest growing areas of collecting - and look behind the stern pose of the formal portrait.

0304Perfume Bottles2005090420060722

From antique cut glass and silver to the 21st century classics that will become collectors' items of the future.

Lars Tharp explores the history of perfume, sniffs out some bargains with Roja Dove and Linda Bee, and visits the biggest collection of perfume bottles in the country at the Harris Museum in Preston.

0305 LASTParlour Instruments2005091120060729

Lars Tharp and guests examine the legacy of the Victorian vogue for making music in the parlour, from bagpipes to badly made pianos.