Food Chains

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01Chocolate For Later20140627

Written and read by Orange Prize-winning novelist Helen Dunmore at the Food Connections Festival in Bristol.

Marion is used to the long-haul flight to Australia. She makes the journey three times a year, to visit her son and his family, whose faces she pictures as she tells the kind and graceful flight attendant about them. But she can never get used to the airline food.

Specially commissioned for the festival, Helen Dunmore's intriguing and surprising story tells of loneliness, a deep need for attention, and sensuous delight.

Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery.


by Edson Burton.

Bandele refuses to be enslaved by the ghost men who've appeared in his village. He chooses to die rather than be taken with his lover, Amara, on a slave ship.

But the gods do not abandon him. An extraordinary journey across the sea, through generations of creatures, is about to begin. Will he and Amara ever be reunited?

A magical story of reincarnation from poet and playwright Edson Burton, specially commissioned for Bristol Food Connections festival.

Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery.

03 LASTAn Open Letter to Bees20140711

by Helen Cross.

The female Alpha-Eaters of the Kingdom have decided to appeal to bees to return, queen-to-queen.

After the fruit riots of the 2020s, the denim crisis and the scandal of the artificial pollinators, the Dusters, something has to be done.

A witty futuristic story for lovers of fruit and vegetables, from Bristol's Food Connections Festival.

Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery.