Following Phileas

Pen Hadow retraces the journeys undertaken by Jules Verne's characters and meets people who have been inspired to emulate their adventures.


01Five Weeks In A Balloon20050404


Five Weeks in a Balloon.

02The British At The North Pole20050405

Pen Hadow considers the allure of The North Pole to Jules Verne and his fictional sailors, who didn't know what was there, and to latterday adventurers.

03Around The World In 80 Days20050406

Pen Hadow continues his tour of Jules Verne's world by considering Verne's most famous novel and its hero Phileas Fogg, the archetype of gentleman globetrotters.

04From The Earth To The Moon20050407

Jules Verne's novel predated the reality by about a hundred years, Pen Hadow considers the accuracy of Verne's predictions.

05 LASTJourney To The Centre Of The Earth20050408

Pen Hadow considers a journey yet to be followed outside the pages of fiction.