Follow The Instructions

Specially commissioned stories exploring the ways in which we interact with technology and machines.


AR01* The Navigator20080421

By Erica Wagner.

Learning to drive as a widow aged 67 is one thing, but map-reading is another.

Read by Emma Kennedy

AR02* De Luxe Model20080422

By Adam Thorpe.

The arrival of the dishwasher, a turning point in 20th-century domestic life, is observed from the point of view of an 11-year-old boy with his own preoccupations.

Read by Philip Franks.

AR03* Astronomy20080423

By Gerard Woodward.

When his wife buys Clark a telescope for his birthday, he dutifully attempts some space-gazing.

Read by Paul Panting

AR04* Sorry?20080424

By Helen Simpson.

Patrick has a new hearing aid and can't quite believe his ears.

Read by Julian Glover

AR05 LAST* Life Without The Manual20080425

By Brian Thompson.

In pre-war rural France, a farmer sees his first aeroplane, with inspiring consequences.

Read by Neil Dudgeon