Flying Backwards



A new drama by Jack Klaff set in Cape Town, starring Alice Krige and Jack Klaff.

Johnnie's back in Cape Town to record his new radio play - his first in his home town after many years abroad in London. In the cast, to Johnnie's surprise, is Vicki. Vicki and Johnnie had an all-consuming affair, decades ago. He was 22, she was 30. Then, prejudices about politics, age and gender shattered a deep and passionate love. Johnnie left for England, shunning Apartheid and, candidly, furthering his career. Now - crying, laughing, raging, teasing - they revisit their earlier lives and their unrecognisable city in a country, South Africa, with its own unfinished story.

Johnnie's decision to leave came at a time when the troubles had deeply affected his own family - his father was murdered. Was it a selfish decision to further his career or born out of desperation at the state of his country?

The drama is unflinching in its examination of a young man's dreams and choices. It's also forgiving but honest about a beloved woman and a beautiful land. While in Cape Town Johnnie visits no go areas and places from his past. Confronting his own memories and demons. Meeting after so long, Johnnie and Vicki are forced to consider what they've made of themselves. They are also nudged into thinking about their own responses and actions during extremely dark times.

Flying Backwards

by Jack Klaff


Vicki/Maureen....ALICE KRIGE

Johnnie....Jack Klaff


Deon/Andrew/Bruce....VINCENT EBRAHIM


Michelle/Lizzie....HELEN SZYMCZAK

Producer/Director: David Ian Neville