Florence Nightingale - The Woman And Her Legend

Lia Williams reads from Mark Bostridge's biography of the renowned 19th-century nurse and reformer, which sheds new light on her personal life and contribution to the medical profession.


01Miss Flo *20081110

Family illness was a source of endless fascination to the young Florence's relatives, and she enjoys documenting each individual's afflictions.

02Sisters At War20081111

Florence struggles to gain her independence in the face of her sister's unrelenting possessiveness.

03The Making Of An Icon20081112

Engravings of Florence ministering to the sick appear for the first time in the Illustrated London News.

04Thorn In The Flesh20081113

Florence is bedridden with illness, giving her work a new sense of urgency.

05 LASTThe Lamp Still Burns20081114

A statue of Florence is unveiled without fanfare in London's Waterloo Place.