The Flood



A multi award-winning and moving Dutch radio play in its first ENGLISH language production.

Simon is 13 years old, growing up in a small pious Dutch village by the sea.

As the great floods of 1953 engulf the village, for Simon, justice does not seem to be done, judging by who in their village survives the flood and who does not.

Written by Rudie van Meurs, translated by Kees van Vlaanderen, and adapted for radio by Turan Ali.

Simon (Narrator)....Colin Baker Father....David Holt Mother....Tricia Kelly Simon (age 12)....Jack Rawlings Trix....Emma Merritt Klaasje....Bethany Muir Beliam....Charlie Ray Sjaan....Maxine Finch De Winter....David Peart Bongers....Mark Straker Directed by Turan Ali.