Flaw In The Motor, Dust In The Blood

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20100105 BT=1115 (BBC7)
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20110301 (BBC7)
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Exploration of life with bipolar disorder by Trevor Preston.|When Thomas dreams, he's in the world of the crime thriller; his daily life is rather less glamorous.|Thomas....Rory Kinnear|Dr Klein....Susan Engel|Amy....Fenella Woolgar|Lizzie....Janice Acquah|Peter....Paul Rider|Dr Beard....Jonathan Tafler|Nita....Manjeet Mann|Ratched....Inam Mirza|Directed by Toby Swift.|Psychological drama by Trevor Preston.|Thomas' dreams are like thriller plots.|Thomas's dreams are like thriller plots.|Trevor Preston's exploration of bipolar disorder.|Trevor Preston's exploration of a man's complex bipolar disorder.|With Rory Kinnear.|Drama that explores manic depression, by Trevor Preston.|Thomas's dreams are like thriller plots, even if his daily life is anything but.|His complex relationship with his partner Lizzie reaches crisis point when he tries to steal a lorry to drive a load of supermarket food to Africa.|Flaw in the Motor, Dust in the Blood