Flaw In The Motor, Dust In The Blood


20100105 (BBC7)
20100105 BT=2115 (BBC7)
20100106 (BBC7)
20110301 (BBC7)
20110302 (BBC7)

Exploration of life with bipolar disorder by Trevor Preston.

When Thomas dreams, he's in the world of the crime thriller; his daily life is rather less glamorous.

Thomas....Rory Kinnear

Dr Klein....Susan Engel

Amy....Fenella Woolgar

Lizzie....Janice Acquah

Peter....Paul Rider

Dr Beard....Jonathan Tafler

Nita....Manjeet Mann

Ratched....Inam Mirza

Directed by Toby Swift.

Psychological drama by Trevor Preston.

Thomas' dreams are like thriller plots.

Thomas's dreams are like thriller plots.

Trevor Preston's exploration of bipolar disorder.

Trevor Preston's exploration of a man's complex bipolar disorder.

With Rory Kinnear.

Drama that explores manic depression, by Trevor Preston.

Thomas's dreams are like thriller plots, even if his daily life is anything but.

His complex relationship with his partner Lizzie reaches crisis point when he tries to steal a lorry to drive a load of supermarket food to Africa.

Flaw in the Motor, Dust in the Blood