Flat Patch Of Grass, A [Radio Scotland]



What has caused a ten-year-old boy to firebomb the home of his elderly, house-bound neighbour?

Child psychologist Vivienne McKay has never seen a case like it: the boy, Neville, is from an ordinary loving family and has never been in trouble before. The police have one clue to go on, a name, Razbunare, the only thing the boy will tell them. As they question Eastern Europeans working on local farms, Vivienne slowly gains Neville's trust. But nothing in her training or experience prepares her for what he eventually reveals about what led him to commit such a terrible crime.


Vivienne - Francesca Dymond

Peter - Robert Jack

Catherine - Gayanne Potter

Jack - Mark McDonnell

DCI Cummings - Simon Donaldson

Other parts played by members of the cast.

Written by Muriel Gray

Produced / Directed by Kirsteen Cameron.