Flash For Freedom

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|it is 1848, and flashman is considering a career in politics.|but a calamitous game of pontoon with disraeli plunges our hero into hair-raising involvement with a homicidal sea captain, the west african slave trade, and congressman abraham lincoln?
  • young flashman....images
  • buck....Stuart Milligan
  • captain spring....Christian Rodska
  • cassy....Ndidi Del Fatti
  • crixus....Nigel Anthony
  • directed by - Patrick Rayner|it's the 19th century and the philandering flashman gets embroiled in slavery.|george macdonald fraser drama with Joss Ackland.|
  • fanny....Emily Wachter
  • lincoln....William Hope
  • lt comber....robert hastie
  • lt.|comber....robert hastie
  • messalina....Ndidi Del Fatti
  • morrison....jamie newall
  • mrs payne....Emily Wachter
  • old flashman....Joss Ackland
  • randolph....damian lynch
  • young flashman....rhys meredith|it's 1848 and the philandering cad, sir harry flashman becomes embroiled in slavery.|stars joss ackland and rhys meredith|
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    20090708 (BBC7)
    20090709 (BBC7)
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    20150605 (BBC7)
    Now a reluctant agent of the Underground Railroad - a secret organisation dedicated to helping escaped slaves - Flashman finds himself fleeing for dear life up the Mississippi River?|Now a reluctant secret agent, Flashman finds himself fleeing for his life.|George MacDonald Fraser drama with Joss Ackland.|Now a reluctant secret agent, Sir Harry Flashman finds himself fleeing for his life.|Stars Joss Ackland and Rhys Meredith.|Now a reluctant secret agent, Sir Harry Flashman finds himself fleeing for his life. Stars Joss Ackland and Rhys Meredith.