Fixers, The

John Wilson looks at the influence of the people behind household names.

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0101Peggy Guggenheim2003091820040803John Wilson looks at the influence of the people behind household names.Famed for her love of modern art and artists, her grandchildren reveal the emotional costs of her passion for collecting the paintings she displayed at her home in Venice, whilst friends like Dr Philip Rylands and George Melly discuss her power as a promoter of Jackson Pollock and others.
0102David Astor2003092520040804The millionaire editor of the Observer from 1948-1975 assembled what one critic has called ""the most intellectually dazzling stable of writers ever to grace a British newspaper,"" including George Orwell, Kenneth Tynan, Arthur Koestler and Michael Frayn.|Donald Trelford, Anthony Howard and other friends and colleagues discuss how the newspaper world he worked in compares with today?
0103 LASTNorman Granz2003100220040805didn't sing, play or compose, but any history of jazz is incomplete without him.|His rags to riches story takes him from promoting local jazz sessions to founding the definitive jazz label Verve, fighting racial prejudice and becoming a highly influential art dealer along the way.|But his ear for talent was his greatest gift, and musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Rich, Oscar Peterson, Lester Young and Dizzy Gillespie might never have reached the public without him.