Five Women

Five short stories by women writers.


LS01Red Herrings2000012420000430

by Harriet Kline, read by Emily Woof.

`Have you ever eaten cocoa by the spoonful, straight from the tub?'.

LS02Ami De Maison2000012520000507

by Julia Widdows, read by Lynsey Baxter.

A lonely young man compensates for the emptiness of his own life by believing himself to be a friend of the family across the road.

LS03Daddy's Girl2000012620000514

by Polly Samson, read by Andrew Lincoln.

Richard has had enough of playing gooseberry to Emily and her beloved father.

Today he his going to take control, right down to choosing what they will have for lunch.

LS04The Drawing Room2000012720000521

by Clare Girvan, read by Amanda Root.

Lucy loves to visit the Talbot family at their house, Fairwinds.

They are very different from her own parents, who are always arguing.

But no-one would understand Lucy's Fairwinds visits, because, after all, Fairwinds is only a doll's house.

LS05 LASTBlood Sugar2000012820000528

by Charlotte Mendelson, read by Emma Fielding.

A tale of misplaced love and new-found cookery skills.