Five Tales From The American Outback



`Tennessee's Partner' by Bret Harte.

Veteran film actor Eli Wallach reads a haunting story of rough justice in an early mining town.

The Bedquilt20020123

`The Bedquilt' by Dorothy Canfield Fisher.

Aunt Mehetabel's life of loneliness and heartache is suddenly transformed.

Read by Lee Potts.

The Revolt Of Mother20020125

`The Revolt of Mother' by Marye Wilkins Freeman.

What makes a hard-working, God-fearing woman choose to live in a barn? Read by Kally Maurer.

The Soft-hearted Sioux20020124

`The Soft-hearted Sioux' by Zitkala-Sa.

Will his Christian faith prevent a young man from saving his dying parents? Read by Kalani Queypo.

The Stolen Appaloosa20020122

`The Stolen Appaloosa' by Paul M Levitt and Elissa Guralnick.

Can Cawanemux outwit the medicine man who has stolen his magic horse? Read by Kim Snyder.