Five Stories On The Theme Of Passion

Five stories on the theme of Passion.


AR01Rose Honey Rust20060213

By Kathryn Simmonds, read by Eve Matheson.

'Her Ronny understood women.

He just used to shrug when he saw the bags, he knew she liked to have pretty things.

If she'd bought something extra pricey, she'd cook him a nice meal and make a fuss of him'.

AR02Huntsman's Stew20060214

By Candida Clark, read by Bill Wallis.

As one family tradition comes to a close on a Yorkshire farm, it opens the way for a reconciliation between father and son.

AR03Her Drug Of Choice20060215

By Susie Maguire, read by Jenny Coverack.

A cautionary tale for travellers.

AR04Do The Math20060216

Read by author Ian Sansom.

A story about one young woman's addiction to the sweeter things in life.

AR05 LASTLook At Me, I'm Beautiful20060217

By Ben Rice, read by Eve Matheson.

'She was lying in the steaming pond on her front with her face in the water and her ams dangling down at her sides, and she was entirely naked.

They were sure that she was dead because some of Mike's carp were nibbling at her toes'.