Five Short Stories By A E Coppard

Abridged by Roy Apps, read by Anton Lesser, directed by Joanna Green.


AR01Dusky Ruth20050829

At the close of a cold, wet April day a traveller seeks refuge at a Cotswold inn.

He sees a beautiful dark-haired girl sitting by the fireside and both are struck with a passion that neither can deny.

AR02The Ballet Girl20050830

Late one afternoon young Simpkins is despatched from his father's cobbler's shop on a very special errand.

But when he arrives at St Saviour's College, as

instructed, Simpkins gets more than he bargained for.

AR03Adam And Eve And Pinch Me20050831

All is well in the world of Jaffa Codling.

The sun is shining, his children are playing in the garden.

Nothing could be better.

But as he enters the house something sinister

happens; something that will turn his idyllic day upside down.

AR04Nixey's Harlequins20050901

When one Thomas Wilson is mistaken for another Thomas Wilson, it can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings: as our man Wilson knows only too well.

AR05 LASTFifty Pounds20050902

Phillip and Lally are flat broke.

So when Lally receives news that a recently deceased aunt has bequeathed her a large sum of money, she is over the moon.

This will put an end to all their troubles; or so she thinks.