Five New Shorts

A week of new short stories by well-known authors.


0101A Feast For Catherine20001030

by Michele Roberts.

Catherine is planning a trip to Rome to meet her lover.

But the best laid plans...

Read by Sian Thomas

0102Kate's Thief20001031

Clive James reads his own story about Halloween reunions and unwanted visitors.

0103The Tree20001101

by Helen Simpson.

Moving the old tree causes all sorts of non-gardening problems.

Read by Gavin Muir

0104The White Witch20001102

Christopher Hope recalls a trip to the Malaysian highlands that was both perilous and strange.

0105 LASTThe Mission To Brazil20001103

by Clare Boylan.

A windfall for Father Ambrose means that he can realise a dream, of sorts.

Read by Dermot Crowley


by Frederic Raphael.

Why has mild-mannered Johnny Olliffe disappeared? And where to? Read by Tom Conti.

0202Benny Gets The Blame20021001

by Clare Boylan.

Whose idea was it to play chariot racing in the back road? Read by Stephen Hogan

0203Spin Doctor20021002

by Romesh Gunnesekera.

A man has high hopes for his protege.

Read by Sam Dastor

0204Radio Gannet20021003

by Shena Mackay.

Dolly's off her trolley, broadcasting to the nation! Read by Elizabeth Bell

0205Wrote For Luck20021004

by DJ Taylor.

A Putney garden in the gloaming.

Read by Rachel Atkins