Five Imaginary Scottish Places


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Unthank, Brigadoon, Thrums. Scottish literature is filled with place names that can't be found in a gazeteer or GPS. The literary critic Stuart Kelly explores the imaginary locations that have provided the settings for some of Scotland's greatest novels. Today, the novelist John Galt, little known outside Scotland, whose books provide some of the wittiest portraits of 19th-century Scottish life.


Brigadoon, Unthank, Thrums. There are places in Scottish literature which are missing from gazetteers or GPS. Literary critic Stuart Kelly explores the imaginary places where Scotland's finest writing is set. Today he travels to JM Barrie's imaginary "Thrums.".


Brigadoon, Unthank, and today Duncairn. Literary critic Stuart Kelly explores the fictional Scottish cities that never appear on any map.


Scottish Literature is filled with imaginary places. Today Stuart Kelly explores Alasdair Gray's Unthank, the nightmarish setting for 1981's Lanark.


Five Imaginary Scottish Places. Stuart Kelly explores imaginary locations featured in great Scottish novels.