Five Gardens Of Spain

A series celebrating visionary gardens of the world.



Susan Marling explores the courtyard gardens of the Alhambra in Granada, and unlocks their sacred meaning.


Susan Marling travels to Barcelona to explore the wild, surreal Parc Guell that the architect Gaudi made as a monument to Catalan nationalism.

She tells the real story of the garden.


Susan Marling travels to Segovia where, in its mountain setting, Spain's most splendid formal garden, La Granja, has been beautifully restored.

The garden is now a focus for summer pleasures - music, open air cinema and a great ritual of jumping in all the fountains on feast days.


The palace gardens of Pazo de Oca in Galicia, restored to former glory by Spain's 'gardener Duke', perfectly combine baroque stonework, lush vegetation, an abundance of water and a working farm.

Susan Marling investigates.

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She looks at the newly restored Botanical Garden in Madrid and talks to Fernando Caruncho, Spain's most famous contemporary gardener, who has made a delightful modern addition to it.