Five Gardens Of Italy

Susan Marling presents five programmes that celebrate the grand and culturally significant gardens of Italy.


01The Villa D'este20040905

Susan visits the spectacular water garden of the Villa D'este at Tivoli.

02La Mortella On Ischia20040912

Susan Marling talks to Lady Susanna Walton in the tropical garden which she created as a delightful setting in which her husband Sir William Walton could compose.

Since his death it has become a much visited attraction and place of musical performance.

03Botanical Gardens At Pisa:20040919

Susan visits Pisa, home to one of the world's first botanical gardens.

She discovers how Renaissance scholars treasured and used plants for remedy and as tools for scientific exploration.

04Villa Le Balze, Fiesole20040926

At Villa le Balze in Fiesole, Susan Marling discovers how, in the early twentieth century, rich ex-patriots hired English garden designers to revive the Italianate tradition.

05 LASTBomarzo20041003

The Garden of Monsters and Mystery at Bomarzo is one of the most eccentric in Italy.

Susan marling visits a creation that is part theme park, part literary fantasy and part pleasure garden.