Five Dahls


01Mrs Bixby And The Colonel's Coat1998122820001120

When Mrs Bixby's lover, the Colonel, ends their affair, he gives her a mink coat.

How is she to explain to her husband where the coat came from? Read by Joanna Lumley

02The Hitchhiker1998122920001121

When, on a journey to London, a writer and his hitch-hiking passenger are stopped for speeding, why is the hitchhiker so sure that the writer won't be prosecuted? Read by Tom Hollander.

03A Dip In The Pool1998123020001122

read by Geoffrey Palmer.

On a rough sea trip, Mr Botibol thinks that he can predict how far the ship will travel in 24 hours.

But if the weather calms, he will be in danger of losing his money.

04Vengeance Is Mine Inc.1998123120001123

A couple of hard-up Americans devise a brilliant scheme to avenge celebrities who have been insulted by newspaper columnists.

Read by William Hootkins

05 LASTThe Way Up To Heaven1999010120001124

The last of Mrs Foster hates to be late, but her husband delights in delaying her.

When he holds up their departure for Paris it is the last straw.

Read by Patricia Routledge