Fish Tales

Chris Yates explores the finer traits of some of Britain's coarse fish.


01* The Carp2007040920080405

Joined by comedian Paul Whitehouse on the banks of a lake, Chris ponders the carp's reputation as the wiliest of all freshwater fish.

02The Pike2007041020080412

The tyrant of the river has traditionally been the subject of much controversy amongst coarse anglers.

On the banks of a river in Dorset, Chris and rod maker Edward Barder consider its merits.

03* The Trout2007041120080419

Casting a fly on a small chalk stream in the west of England, Chris and expert angler Ronnie Butler consider the mysterious ways of the wild brown trout.

04 LASTThe Perch2007041220080426

Writer Tom Fort accompanies Chris to the River Thames and argues that perch are quintessentially masculine, in spite of what the Victorians wrote.