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0110David Byrne20100912

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0408Tori Amos20120902

0601David Lynch2013101320141226 (6M)

A new series of The First Time returns to 6 Music as part of the BBC's Sound Of Cinema season with probably the most distinctive, original and disturbing filmmaker in the history of modern cinema, David Lynch.

World famous as a filmmaker, writer and television director as the creator of Twin Peak, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead and Wild At Heart, Lynch is also a musician, having helped create the music for many of his movies (he wrote the lyrics to the Twin Peaks theme - Falling sung by Julee Cruise) as well as solo albums like this year's The Big Dream - a record as hypnotic and disturbingly beautiful as his films.

In a very rare interview he speaks to Matt Everitt about his formative early musical influences (Chopin and the sound of B36 bombers flying over his childhood home apparently) his passion for Elvis and early rock n roll, directing David Bowie, his love of jazz, how he creates his own unique music and how the imagery and plot of his classic film Blue Velvet was directly inspired by Bobby Vinton's 1963 classic single.... Which would never sound the same again.

6MJoan As Police Woman20160703
6MJoan As Police Woman20160703

6MJoan As Police Woman20160703

talks about the key musical moments of her life and career.

6M12Josh Homme20140713

Matt Everitt speaks to Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age.

Josh Homme is a towering presence over alternative rock - be that as a singer, songwriter, producer, frontman with Queens Of The Stone Age or just all round cool guy. Here in a rare interview, Josh talks about his time as a punk obsessed teenager growing up in the Palm Desert, California and how the ethos of "generator parties" (free gigs in the remote desert powered by generators) and bands like Black Flag shaped his musical sound and artistic philosophy.

He also discusses his time with critically acclaimed stoner rock outfit Kyuss, QOTSA's formation in 1996, his relationship with Dave Grohl, the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures (who featured Homme, Grohl and Led Zep bassist John Paul Jones) and his work as a producer collaborating with Arctic Monkeys. This is a man whose earnt himself a reputation for being one of the most grounded, upstanding, erudite, funny and - as I said - coolest musicians around. As you'll hear in this show.