First Person Singular

A week of unconnected stories, by five different authors, with one thing in common - they are all written in the first person


AR01A New Life2003080420040711

By Alison Clink.

While Nick is at the office, his young and lonely wife dreams of taking revenge on the bosses who keep her husband away from home for so long.

AR02New Horizons2003080520040718

By Carol Ann Fraser.

A woman in late middle age who has been abandoned by her husband and made redundant from her job finds herself drawn into a world of petty crime.

AR03Ferrara Journal2003080620040725

By Geraldine Lindley, read by Amanda Horlock..

A young girl's father marries her off to the much older Duke of Ferrara.

She consoles herself with her love for her brother Alfredo but their secret meeting brings terrible consequences.


By Valerie Miner Which came first? June says the chicken, Lucy the egg.

But all differences are put aside as the sisters approach their last journey together.

Read by Bonnie Hurren

AR05 LASTThe Karma Of Canine2003080820040808

by Patricia Ferguson.

A father discovers that man's best friend doesn't always obey the laws of physics.

Read by Stephen Perring.