First Domino, The

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WIRE2010100920110813On Friday 30th April 1999, at 6.37pm, a nailbomb exploded in The Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, London.|Playwright Jonathan Cash was standing a few feet away from the device as it exploded.|The First Domino is a response to that event.|A fiction inspired by that horrific bombing and other attacks like it, the play is woven around a series of conversations between a prisoner and a psychiatrist.|It is a study of prejudice, extremism and marginalisation, as well as an examination of the human urge towards violence and revenge.|An uncompromising and at times shocking script, it is full of dark comedy too: "When people first meet me, I'm not expected to have a sense of humour.|You seem to be defined by what's happened to you." Jonathan Cash|In a radio version re-imagined and rewritten for The Wire, this play has been developed from Jonathan's stage version, which won the Award for Best Theatrical Performance at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2009.|The Cast stars Toby Jones (Infamous, Elizabeth I, Frost/Nixon, Harry Potter) and Carlton Hobbs Award-winner, Joseph Kloska.|Adaptation of a play about violence and prejudice, in response to the 1999 Soho pub bomb.|On Friday 30th April at 6.37pm 1999, a nailbomb exploded in The Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, London.