First Day Of The Rest Of My Life, The

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WIRE2009101020101002by Martin Jameson|Toby has a bad day at work on the phones for Careless the household cover people.|When an angry customer pushes him too far - he snaps and tells him to have a heart attack and die.|The next morning he wakes up as Dr Richard Jugg.|And the next day as a homeless person called Deke.|How are these events connected? And where will this nightmarish journey end?|Toby / Richard / Deke / Clive....Jonathan Keeble|Craig / Scott....Andonis James Anthony|Tariq / Naz....Armand Beasley|Sheila....Sue Jenkins|Anastasia / Nurse Phoenix....Melissa Jane Sinden|Stacey / Renata....Catherine Kinsella|Directed by Gary Brown.|A shapeshifting, existential comedy nightmare about the modern world.|Written by Martin Jameson.|Tariq....Armand Beasley